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Cherished Goal: To bring smiles on the faces of the people is a wonderful thing public grievances & Pension Administration Department is committed to it

Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon´ble Chief Minister

 Shri Laxmi Narayan Gupta, IAS  
 Principal Secretary 
  P.G.& P.A 

"  Motto Of the Department: Service to Humanity is Service to God  "
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Public Grievances And Pension Administration Department

The journey is still on. The effort is relentless . The task is arduous. The destination is still not near

The endeavour is irrepressible. The determination is unshakable. We have to bring smiles on the faces of millions of people of Odisha.

Vision of the Department

The vision of the Department is “To institutionalize a system for effective and expeditious disposal of Public Grievances and Pension cases”.

Mission of the Department

The mission of Department of Public Grievances and Pension Administration is to review the action and achievements of different Departments and Collectors etc. in regard to receipt, process and disposal of grievance petitions relating to public matters and pension cases for the goal to be achieved by them i.e. good governance and the road map for achieving this is through timely disposal of Public Grievances and Pension matters.

Procedure Objective

The procedure objectives of the Department of PG&PA is to see that the grievances of the people are redressed as quickly as possible by different authorities in accordance with law. This will not only solve the problems of the people but also go a long way for effective implementation of the Government Schemes & policies.

As regards the pension matters, the authorities and Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs) should follow the codal provisions of OCS Pension Rules and Amedments theron see that the pension matters of the retired and retiring Government employees are attended to in time / disposed of without delay.

The objective of this department is to review, inspect and monitor the performances of all Departments, District Collectors and Heads of Departments (including that of the PSAs) in regard to disposal of public grievances and pension matters and to instruct/advise them from time to time for necessary action for redress of the above mentioned matters in time.

Outcome Objective

Outcome objective is to see that good governance is achieved in regard to redress of the grievances of the people whether public or pension matters.

Broad objective of the Department

The objectives broadly can be stated as follows:
1) Effective redress of Public Grievances.
2) Effective disposal of Pension Matters.


To achieve this mission PG & PA Department has been given following power and function.

i) The Department will take action on the complaints according to the norms laid down for the purpose after fully satisfying itself about the bonafides of the complaints and gravity of the subject matter of the grievance.

ii) The Department is authorized to call for relevant papers/files from any Department/ Directorate/District Office/ Corporation/ Municipality/ Zilla Parishad to examine whether the grievance has been dealt with in a fair, objective and just manner and whether a decision containing reasons has been communicated to the complainant within a definite time frame.

iii) Wherever the Department is not satisfied that the grievances has been dealt within a fair and just and objective manner, it shall make a suitable recommendation on the case and communicate the same for consideration and adoption by the concerned authority. If the subject matter of the grievance is of an inter-departmental in nature, the Department will initiate action and convene meeting with the Chief Secretary in Chair and help in taking a final decision for redressal of the grievance.

iv) If during the course of enquiry, the Department find that there is evidence of corrupt practice and dereliction of duty, it shall remit the case to the Vigilance enquiry or Departmental enquiry, as the case may be.

v) In case of delay or inaction in redressal of Public Grievances, disposal of pension cases, or in case of defaults on the part of the officers, the Department of Public Grievances and Pension Administration will recommend appropriate action against the officer concerned..

3. The Department of Public Grievances and Pension deals with the following type of complaints among others:

1) Lack of courtesy on the part of public functionaries.
2) Nepotism
3) Corruption
4) Delays in all matters including pension.
5) Atrocities against women, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Outcome/activities of the Department.

The activities of the Department of PG & PA can be broadly outlined under two major subjects viz (1) To redress Grievances of the public in time (2) To dispose of pension cases quickly. The Department adopts only procedure objective to achieve the desired out come. But outcome is totally dependent on the performances of other Departments and Collectors etc.

Although the vision and mission of the Department is to redress grievances of the public and the pension cases in a quick and effective manner, its success and outcome depend on the cooperation of other Departments as the Department of PG & PA has to adopt only the process objective to achieve the targeted result. Hence good performance of all the other Departments of Government is absolutely essential to achieve the objective of this Department.