Cooperative Procurements

The government have been pleased to approve "The Food and Procurement Policy" for the Kharif Marketing Season(KMS) 2010-11.Four State Government Agencies namely,OSCSC,NAFED,MARKFED and TDCC will procure paddy in the State,either directly from the farmers or with the help of PACS,WSHGs and Pani Panchayats.

The Government has decided to allow OSCSC to procure paddy with the help of PACS in the Decentralised Procurement Centers to help small and marginal farmers. For making the Paddy Procurement Centers (PPCs) operated by the PACS, the DCCB shall be nodal Agency.

In order to streamline paddy procurement through PACS,Government have allowed OSCSC to make an agreement with DCCBs to engage PACS as the Commissioned Agent of OSCSC. It is decided that the PACS will make payment to farmers in shape of Acct. Payee Cheque within 3 days.

Where paddy will be purchased through PACS,the District Collector is to appoint an authorized officer other than the civil supplies staff to ensure payment of Minimum Support Price(MSP) to the farmers as per the prescribed purchased procedure.

Government Agencies are allowed to procure paddy from market yards/temporary yards/Krushak Bazar of RMCs as Paddy Purchase Centre(PPC).

OSCSC will provide the working capital requirement while PACS will ensure the Fair Average Quantity(FAQ) paddy is procured from the farmers at MSP.

In consultation with the District Miller Association,the collectors will assign millers to each PPC.

The collectors can decide the days of the week for Paddy procurement operations at different PPCs.

MSP for FAQ have been fixed:

Paddy(common) – Rs.1000/-per qntl.
Grade-A - Rs.1030/-per qntl.
The local Regulated Market Committee(RMC) is to make publicity in the area of operation of the PACS including GPS and revenue villages MSP,the keekly day for procurement.

The RMC is to provide infrastructure,equipments required of paddy procurement. The Cooperative Society Member(the farmer) should produce Kisan Credit Card(KCC) as the proof of identification,others can produce FIC at the time of delivery of paddy at PPCs.
  • No. of PACS procured paddy in KMS 09-10;1218
  • No. of PACS procured to procure paddy in KMS 10-11;1808
  • No. of PPCs procured for KMS 10-11:1929
  • During KMS 09-10,procurement was made from 3,43,172 farmer members
  • Total quantity of paddy procured was 16,35,059 MT.
  • MARKFED had procured 1,90,291MT paddy from 24,767 farmer members.
  • For KMS 10-11 target for MARKFED has been fixed to 4.00 lakh MT.
The PACS being the agent of OSCSC,it is not having any specific target.The target of procurement to be made by OSCSC is 14.00 lakh MT.

Joint Preparatory Meeting
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1.(a) August Meeting  (485 KB)
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Model of Agreement
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1.(a) DCCB with DM, OSCSC(Agreement)  (547 KB)
(b) DCCB & PACS (Agreement)  (716 KB)
(c) Preparatory arrangement by MARKFED for for paddy procurement  (369 KB)
(d) Food & Procurement Policy of FS&CW Dept.  (855 KB)