Agriculture Policy

List of Agri-Enterprises Eligible for Capital Investment Subsidy

Name of the Projects
Commercial Floriculture
Commercial Meat, Egg & Fish Production
Plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber, cocoa, cashew and oil palm
Commercial calf rearing centre
Commercial goat/sheep/pig rearing centre
Export oriented agriculture & horticulture
Freshwater pearl culture
Agro Service Centre
Agri- clinic and Agri- business Centre
Veterinary Clinic
Refrigerated Van
Agro-eco Tourism
Bio fertilizer Production and Marketing
Soil Testing Laboratory
Fingerling production
Commercial Fruit cultivation
Bagasse based Unit
Cashew processing and other cashew nut based industry
Coir based industry
Jute based industry
Seed Processing Plant
Oil extraction Mill
Cattle & Poultry /Fish Feed Plant
Apiary(Bee keeping)
Coconut based products
Dairy farming and milk processing
Squash, Jam, Jelly, pickle, etc of different fruits
Fruit Pulp
Vegetables & spices based industry
Dehydration and canning of vegetables
Frozen fruits and vegetables
Cultivation and processing of mushroom
Mushroom spawn production unit
Meat processing unit
Food Products Based on Soya bean
Maize Processing Plant
Product out of crop residue
Tissue culture laboratory
Bio pesticides/Bio control agent producing unit
Green House, Poly House, Glass House