Government of Odisha

General Administration Department




Bhubaneswar, Dated the 29th August, 2002.


No.RB-3/2002/27911/Gen., In pursuance of clause (3) of article 166 of the constitution of India, the Governor of Odisha hereby makes the following further amendments to the Odisha Government Rules of Business, namely:-




1. In the First Schedule to the Odisha Government Rules of Business, (hereinafter referred to as the said schedule), in Serial No.I, relating to the Department of General Administration, after Branch No.5 ‘Special Establishment’ the following Branch along with the subjects mentioned against it shall be inserted, namely:-


“Administrative Reforms Cell State Subjects


1.                  Civil Service Reforms – aimed at making the civil service responsive accountable and transparent.

2.                  Identification of surplus manpower, creation of a surplus pool and re-deployment of personnel.

3.                  To carry out functional reviews of Departments within the Government with a view to identify functions, schemes and procedures which have been redundant over the years. The review will identify personnel which continue to be assigned for such redundant functions.

4.                  Training of personnel including re-training of surplus personnel.

5.                  Examination of various Service Rules to permit lateral entry and to restructure manpower among the different groups based on the requirements and expectations of modern times.

6.                  Bringing out transparent Transfer Policy from time to time.

7.                  Examination and improvement of the system of recording annual assessment of officials.

8.                  System of reward and punishment/incentives and disincentives.

9.                  Identify Departments and process in the government to be computerized.

10.              Improve transparency in Government transactions, with particular emphasis on anti-corruption measures.

11.              Promote computer literacy in order to cover all the employees within a period of three years.

12.              Computerize key public services within one year. The areas are: maintenance of land records, registration of Sales, registration of births & deaths, payments of Bills, the Service Cooperative Societies, the Regional Transport Officers, the Treasuries, Pension Administration, etc.

13.              (a) Work Study by trained and qualified personnel.

(b)   Instructions on management of services and techniques in Department of Government/Heads of Departments/Other Officees/Other Organizations as decided by Government from time to time.

(c)    Staffing pattern.

(d)   Fixation of Yardstick.

(e)    Mechanization in Administration to avoid waste and to economise expenditure.

(f)     Modernization of Government Offices and introduction of modern office equipments in all Government Offices.

14.              Other related matters pertaining to Civil Service Reforms Programme.”


2. In the said Schedule, in Serial No.XXVI, relating to the Department Public Grievances and Pension Administration, “Branch No.3 Administrative Reforms” and the entries made against it under the ‘State Subjects’ shall be deleted.


By order of the Governor




Special Secretary to Government