Grama Sabha

Ordinarily Grama Sabha gives the impression of meeting of villagers of a revenue village. However, Orissa Grama Panchayat Act defines Grama Sabha in a different manner. According to the OGP Act all the voters of all the revenue villages under a Grama Panchayat are the members of Grama Sabha. The meeting of the members is known as Grama Sabha meeting.

Meeting of the Grama Sabha

The Grama Sabha meets during February and June every year. Grama Sabha meeting are also held on 26th June, Ist May, 15th August and 2nd October. Besides special meeting of Grama Sabha can be convened.

The Sarpanch can convene the Grama Sabha meeting. Government can authorize Collector or the Sarpanch to call for a special meeting fort the Grama Sabha.

The Grama Sabha is to be held by rotation from time to time in each of the village of the Grama (Grama Panchayat) at a convenient place as the Sarpanch decides.

15 clear days notice for meeting of Grama Sabha shall be given. Copy of the notice may be forwarded to the concerned BDO.

Notice may be affixed in a conspicuous place and in the notice board of High School, ME School, Primary School, Mahila Samiti, Yubak Sangha and Anganwadi Centre with due acknowledgement.

Meeting for Grama Sabha can be published by beat of drum in the weekly hat and in each ward of the Grama Panchayat. Ward members shall also be issued notice to attend the meeting. Atleast 25 persons of each ward should be issued notice to attend the meeting.


The quorum for Grama Sabha is 1/10th of the total electorate out of which 1/3rd should be women. If in a Grama Panchayat there are 1000 electorate then the quorum for Grama Sabha would be 100. In case there is no quorum, the Sarpanch or the President of the meeting shall adjourn the meeting to another date.

The Sarpanch and in his absence the Naib-Sarpanch shall preside in every meeting of the Grama Sabha. Where both are absent, the member shall choose some one from among themselves to preside over the meeting. Block level official like GPEO, Village Level Worker or any other officer authorize by the BDO can attend the meeting but they can not participate in the discussion. The proceeding of the meeting shall be recorded by the GP Secretary in Oriya and all the participant including the official will sign in the proceeding. The copy of the Grama Sabha meeting shall be sent to the BDO, SDPO and DPO.


Before execution of any work by the Grama panchayat, the project along with estimated cost shall be approved by the Grama Sabha.

The Grama Sabha will approve the budget and will also certify the utilization of the grants received by the Grama Panchayat.

Grama Sabha will take decision on levy of all taxes, rates, rents and fees and enhancement of rates thereof.

Organize community service and implementation of agricultural production plan.

Consider all such matter as may be referred to it by the Grama Panchayat for its decision.

Call for such information and date from the Grama Panchayat as it may consider necessary.

In addition to the above functions, the Grama Sabha in scheduled area have the following powers.

  1. Regulating control over sell and use of intoxicant.
  2. Ownership over Minor Forest Produce.
  3. Control over alienation of land of scheduled Tribe and restoration thereof

Control over money lending