Devolution of Powers to PRIs - Letter no 6886 dated 4-7-2003 from CS Orissa
Kendu leaf Resolution letter no 24820 dated 16-12-2002
Reluctance to Surrender Power : by Biju Patnaik Ex-CM, Orissa


Poverty Amelioration Programmes

Orissa is endowed with rich natural resources in the form of vast mineral deposits, forest, fertile land, plentiful surface and ground water resources, long coastline, and picturesque tourist potential. But, such resources have not been exploited adequately for income generation activities. As a result, Orissa ranks very low among the Indian states in terms of per capita income, and it has become one of the poorest states of the country. Large proportion of people in the state have very poor living conditions. As per an estimate, among the fifteen major states of India, the position of Orissa with regard to living conditions or standard of living is fourteenth (Behera and Mitra: 1996). So, it becomes necessary to examine the poverty scenario and living condition of the people of Orissa.


Progress at a GLANCE  
Availability of funds with Districts  
Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar  Yojana(SGRY)
Gopabandhu Grameen Yojana(GGY)
Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar  Yojana(SGRY)
Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)
Rural Housing: Indira Awaas Yojana(IAY)
Prime Ministers Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY)

Objectives : SGRY is a programme started with merger of Employment Assurance Programme (EAS) and Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana (JGSY) with effect from 25th sept.2001. SGRY is expected to take care of food security, additional wage-employment and village infrastructure as food grains provided here is an additionality. Guidelines of SGRY

Primary : Creation of demand driven community village infrastructure including durable assets at the village level and   to   enable the rural poor to increase the opportunities for sustained employment.

Secondary : Generation of supplementary employment for the unemployment poor in the rural area

  • First Stream (SGRY-1) is implemented through Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samity in the ratio of 40:60
  • Second Stream (SGRY-2) of 50% funds are earmarked for implementation through Gram Panchayats.
  • Special component(SGRY-3) of SGRY is demand-driven food security for natural calamity affected rural areas.
  • Fund sharing between Government of India and Government of Orissa is 75 : 25 .

Finalisation of MPR for 2003-2004

 Physical & Financial Achievement Under S.G.R.Y  
 Food Grain Utilisation Under S.G.R.Y   
 SGRY (Special)(Old Scheme)
 Storage Godown   
Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)

Objective : SGSY was started on 1st April,1999 after restructuring erstwhile IRDP ,TRYSEM, SITRA GKY and MWS. The basic objective is to bring assisted poor families (Swarozgaris) above the poverty line by providing income generating assets through mix of bank credit and subsidy.

Strategy: The SGSY aims at establishing micro enterprises in rural areas based on the ability of poor and potential of each area. It coveres all aspects of self employment viz. organization of poor in the Self Help Group (SHG) and their capacity building, training and selection of key activities, planning of activity clusters, infrastructure build up, technology transfer and marketing linkage.

Districtwise Tentative Physical Targets under S.G.S.Y During 2004-2005
Physical & Financial Achievement Under S.G.S.Y
Bankwise Summary on S.G.S.Y
Districtwise Summary on S.G.S.Y 
Rural Housing: Indira Awaas Yojana(IAY)

Objective : To help construction of dwelling units by members of scheduled caste/ scheduled tribe, free bonded labourer, and also non- S.C/S.T rural poor below the poverty line by providing them the permissible financial assistance. Credit-cum-subsidy scheme is also available for families having annual income upto Rs.32000/.

  • Fund sharing between Government of India and Government of Orissa is 80 : 20
  • The unit cost - Rs.20,000/- plain area, Rs.22,000/- hilly area .
  • Special thrust has been given for construction of IAY houses with R.C.C roof in natural calamity-prone areas.
 Physical & Financial Achievement under IAY
 Additional IAY
 Scheme Wise Summary of Additional IAY 
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(NREGA)

Objective : The basic objective of the Scheme is to enhance livelihood security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. This work guarantee can also serve other objectives; generating productive assets, protecting the environment, empowering rural women, reducing rural-urban migration and fostering social equity,among others.

Financial Performance under NREGA
Physical Performance under NREGA
Assets Created Under NREGS
Employment Generation
Prime Ministers Gramodaya Yojana (PMGY)

Gramin Awaas

Objective : This programme will generally be based on the pattern of Indira Awas Yojana and will be implemented in the rural areas. The target group for houses under the scheme will be people who are
living below poverty line in the rural areas belonging to SC/ST, Freed Bonded Labourer and SC/ST

 Physical & Financial Achievement under PMGY (GA)  
Operation Black Board(OBB)

Objective : To construct Primary School Buildings for building-less Primary Schools in rural areas.

Unit cost of the school building with two rooms and varandah - Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

 Physical & Financial Achievement under OBB(Old Scheme)  
Finance Commission Awards
  • 10th Finance Commission
Physical and Financial Achievement under 10th Finance Commission
  Reports on 11th Finance Commision    
Cover of 11th Finance Commission
Content of 11th Finance Commission
11th Finance COmmission Report-I
11th Finance COmmission Report-II
Physical and Financial Achievement under 11 th Finance Commission
KenduLeaf Grants
Special Schemes
i) Mission Danapani
ii) Sakti Gaon
iii) IT Kiosk
 Physical Achievement R.C.P  
 Financial Achievement under R.C.P 

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