Public Grievances & Pension Administration Department

Shri Jogendra Behera
Hon'ble Cabinet Minister

  Shri Sangram Keshari Mishra,IAS
Principal Secretary


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                   AT A GLANCE

           Public Grievances and Pension Administration Department was created for redressal of Public Grievances and disposal of Pension Cases, to make administration more responsive and sensitive to the hopes and aspiration to the people.

            As such for achieving this objective these powers, as given below are vested with Public Grievances & Pension Administration Department.

1. The power and function of the PG & PA Department shall be as follows :- 

          i) The Department will take action on the complaints according to the norms laid down for the purpose after fully satisfying itself about the bona fides of the complaints and gravity of the subject matter of the grievance.

          ii) The Department will be authorized to call for relevant papers / files from any Department / Directorate / District Office / Corporation /Municipality / Zilla Parishad to examine whether the grievance has been dealt with in a fair, objective and just manner and whether  a decision containing reasons has been communicated to the complaint within a definite time frame.

          iii) Whether the Department is not satisfied that the grievances has been dealt with in a fair and just and objective manner it shall make a suitable recommendation on the case and communicate the same for consideration and adoption by the concerned authority. If the subject matter of the grievance is of an inter-departmental in nature, the Department will initiate action and convene a meeting with the Chief Secretary in Chair and help in taking a final decision for the redressal of the grievance.

          iv) If during the course of enquiry the Department find that there is evidence of corrupt practice and dereliction of duty it shall remit the case to the Vigilance enquiry or Departmental enquiry, as the case may be.

          v) In case of delay or inaction in redressal of Public Grievances / disposal of pension cases or in case of defaults on the part of the officers the Department of Public Grievances and Pension Administration will recommend appropriate action against the Officer concerned.

 2) The Department of Public Grievances and Pension Administration may deal with the following type of complaints among others :-

           1. Lack of courtesy on the part of public functionaries

             2. Nepotism

             3. Corruption

             4. Delays in all matters including pension

             5. Atrocities against women, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

3) The type of complaints which should be brought to the notice of the Public Grievances and Pension Administration Department may follow the following procedure :-

            a) Receiving the application from the petitioners

            b) Scrutiny of the applications

            c) Collection of facts and information

            d) Holding of enquiries.

The enquiries may conduct in the following way :-

1)   Requisitioning of files

2)   Take possession of the files or documents

3)   Require any person or official for assistance for the enquiry

4)   Visit the various offices and hold discussions

5)   Record statements of officers

6)   Final recommendations

7)   Furnish reply to the petitioner

8)   Furnish a report to the Government in specific cases if needed or periodically, as the case may be.

With this objective Public Grievances & Pension Administration Department is functioning and monitoring the pendency and disposal of grievance petitions and pension matters, pending in all the districts and all the Departments of Government of Odisha.